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Shopify Plus vs Shopify: Why Shopify Plus is better

In this article we will be going over the new features Shopify Plus brings to the table and why its a higher tier version of the Shopify ecommerce platform.

    Shopify Plus vs Shopify

    In this article, we will be going over the new features Shopify Plus brings to the table and why it’s a higher-tier version of the Shopify e-commerce platform, Shopify Plus is designed for larger and more complex businesses. It offers additional features and benefits compared to the regular Shopify plan, such as advanced scalability, custom checkout options, multiple storefronts, enhanced reporting, the ability to use custom plugins, priority app development, exclusive apps, wholesale channels, unlimited staff accounts, and more. Additionally, Shopify Plus offers dedicated support and a higher level of customisation, making it a good choice for businesses looking for a scalable and customisable e-commerce solution.

    15 Shopify Plus New Features

    1. Scalability

    Shopify Plus is a platform that targets fast-growing businesses requiring enterprise-level solutions. Unlike traditional Shopify, it has increased scalability potential, making it easier for larger stores to move significant volumes of data around their server infrastructure to scale up seamlessly.

    The advanced performance capabilities of Shopify Plus help ensure reliable service, even during traffic spikes resulting from promotions or special events such as Summer Sales. These features are critical for high-volume stores that require fast-loading times regardless of the amount of data being processed. Moreover, with dedicated hosting infrastructure, each store has its server resources, reducing the risk of slow load times and decreased performance during high-traffic periods, resulting in a better customer experience.

    2. Custom checkout

    Regular Shopify allows customers to use Apple Pay or Google Pay for secure payments, while Shopify Plus offers more payment options, including Stripe Connect. Stripe Connect enables expanded payment options like ACH transfers or wire transfers for large orders or international payments.

    With Shopify Plus, merchants can create a custom checkout experience tailored to their brand and specific needs. This feature helps merchants provide a seamless and personalised checkout experience for customers, which can improve conversion rates. However, regular Shopify has more limited checkout customisation options, with a standard checkout process that may not align with a merchant’s brand. In summary, Shopify Plus offers more payment options and customisation capabilities, making it a more robust platform for businesses with specific requirements.

    3. Multiple storefronts

    Shopify Plus provides the ability to manage multiple storefronts from a single backend, allowing merchants to efficiently manage multiple brands, languages, currencies, and domains. This feature provides greater flexibility for merchants selling products in different regions, languages, or through various brands. In comparison, regular Shopify only allows for a single storefront, making it more difficult to manage multiple sales channels or to expand into new markets. With its multiple storefront capabilities, Shopify Plus allows merchants to reach a wider audience and grow their business without managing numerous backend systems.

    4. Unlimited staff accounts

    With Shopify Plus, you can create unlimited staff accounts, allowing merchants to manage their stores and operations with a larger team. This includes the ability to assign specific roles and permissions to staff members and access to real-time reporting and analytics. This feature helps merchants to delegate tasks, streamline their operations, and improve their overall efficiency. In comparison, Shopify has limits on the number of staff accounts, and merchants may have to pay additional fees to add additional team members. With its unlimited staff accounts, Shopify Plus gives merchants the flexibility to grow their team and manage their store and operations more effectively and provides a more efficient and streamlined experience for both merchants and their staff.

    5. Advanced Reporting

    To start with, Shopify Plus provides advanced reporting capabilities to merchants, allowing them to access in-depth insights into their business, sales, and customer data. This includes custom reporting, real-time reporting, and integration with third-party reporting tools. With this feature, merchants can make data-driven decisions and track their performance over time.

    In contrast, Shopify has more restricted reporting capabilities. It offers only 5 of the 7 customer reports. It does not allow for custom reports, providing only basic reporting tools that may offer a different level of detail and insights compared to Shopify Plus. This limitation may hinder a merchant’s ability to understand their business profoundly and make informed decisions. With its advanced reporting capabilities, Shopify Plus provides merchants with a comprehensive view of their business, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth.

    6. Dedicated support – A dedicated account manager (launch manager / Engineer)

    One of the key differences between Shopify Plus and regular Shopify is the level of dedicated support provided. Shopify Plus customers receive a dedicated account manager who can provide personalised support and help with technical issues, store optimisation, and platform upgrades. This level of support is not available with regular Shopify plans and can be valuable for store owners who need extra assistance in running and scaling their online businesses.

    7. Launchpad

    Shopify Plus comes with Launchpad, a powerful tool for scheduling and automating the launch of new products and promotions. This feature allows merchants to schedule the launch of new products or promotions in advance, reducing the time and effort required to launch new items manually. It also provides for the automation of routine tasks, such as inventory management and price changes, freeing time for more important tasks. This feature is not available in regular Shopify and provides a significant advantage for Shopify Plus users who need to launch and manage new products and promotions efficiently.

    8. Wholesale channels

    Shopify Plus allows merchants to create and manage wholesale channels, allowing them to sell their products directly to wholesalers and retailers. This includes the ability to set custom pricing and payment terms for wholesale customers and access to a dedicated wholesale portal and custom storefronts. This feature helps merchants expand their reach, increase sales, and build stronger relationships with wholesale customers.

    In comparison, Shopify has more basic options for creating and managing wholesale channels, and merchants may have to manage their wholesale sales and relationships manually. With its wholesale channel capabilities, Shopify Plus gives merchants the tools to grow their wholesale business. It provides a more efficient and streamlined experience for merchants and wholesale customers.

    9. Real-time carrier shipping

    Shopify Plus provides real-time carrier shipping, allowing merchants to offer live shipping rates to customers at checkout based on their location and the available shipping options. This feature offers customers a seamless and accurate checkout experience and improves merchants’ order management. In contrast, regular Shopify only provides shipping rate calculations based on weight and destination and does not offer real-time carrier shipping rates. Shopify Plus’ real-time carrier shipping capabilities give merchants more control over their shipping options and provide customers with a more accurate and transparent checkout experience.

    10. Advanced fraud protection

    While both Shopify and Shopify Plus provide fraud protection to assist businesses in preventing fraudulent orders, Shopify Plus goes a step further by offering advanced fraud protection tools and dedicated support. This helps businesses to better identify and prevent fraudulent orders, providing an added layer of security.

    11. Customisable payment gateways

    Shopify Plus stands apart from regular versions of Shopify in its ability to customise the checkout process fully. With Shopify Plus, merchants can access the code behind the Shopify checkout page templates, including the ‘checkout. liquid’ file in Liquid, Shopify’s theme language. This provides a wealth of opportunities for personalising the checkout experience.

    In addition, Shopify Plus offers access to Shopify Scripts, which provides advanced coding functionality. Merchants can utilise the Shopify script editor to add features like automated discounts and promotions, precalculated shipping costs, gaining access to the gift card API and free shipping thresholds to their Shopify checkout. As a result, Shopify Plus merchants have more control over their checkout process’s user experience and branding, along with a broader range of shipping options.

    12. Liquid code access

    Access to the Liquid code in Shopify Plus can be immensely beneficial for creating a unique and personalised eCommerce experience. With Liquid code access, Shopify Plus merchants can fully customise their online storefront, including the checkout process. This level of customisation is not possible in the regular versions of Shopify, and it provides an opportunity to develop a unique brand identity and user experience.

    Furthermore, Liquid code access allows merchants to integrate third-party apps and tools, build custom features, and optimise their store’s performance. This enables businesses to tailor their online presence to meet specific needs related to omnichannel selling, mobile optimisation, and user engagement. Liquid code access is a powerful tool that can help Shopify Plus merchants create a more effective and efficient eCommerce platform, driving sales and improving the customer experience.

    13. Ability to use custom plugins

    Shopify Plus provides the ability to use custom plugins, allowing merchants to extend the functionality of their store and add new features and capabilities. This includes integrating with third-party apps, building custom functionality, and accessing dedicated support from Shopify. This feature helps merchants to streamline their operations, improve their customer experience, and drive growth. In comparison, regular Shopify has more limited options for custom plugins and may have restrictions on using certain apps and integrations. With its custom plugin capabilities, Shopify Plus gives merchants the flexibility to build and integrate the tools they need to run their businesses and provides a more efficient and streamlined experience.

    14. Priority app development

    Merchants using Shopify Plus can benefit from dedicated resources and expertise provided by Shopify for priority app development support. This support enables them to create and launch custom apps tailored to their needs. This includes access to dedicated support from Shopify’s development team, early access to new platform features, and the ability to test and launch custom apps faster. This feature helps merchants build and launch custom apps tailored to their specific needs and drive growth for their businesses. Shopify offers comparatively limited app development support, which may result in longer waiting times for merchants to access new platform features or launch custom apps. In contrast, Shopify Plus provides priority app development support, giving merchants a competitive edge in building and launching the tools necessary to drive growth and achieve success.

    15. Exclusive apps

    A significant benefit is that Shopify Plus provides exclusive access to a range of apps and tools unavailable to regular Shopify users. These apps and tools are specifically designed to help merchants scale their businesses and improve their operations. Examples of exclusive apps include:

    • Advanced shipping and fulfilment solutions.
    • Advanced reporting and analytics tools.
    • Custom development services.

    This feature helps merchants to streamline their operations, improve their customer experience, and drive growth for their business. Shopify doesn’t have the same access to these apps and tools, and merchants may have to rely on third-party solutions or custom development services.

    Who should use Shopify Plus?

    Shopify Plus is an ideal platform for large enterprises with high traffic volume, high-volume merchants, and those seeking advanced features and customisation options. For brands with high traffic volume, Shopify Plus can handle the increased demand, providing stability and security to ensure a smooth shopping experience. This is particularly important for businesses that experience spikes in traffic during peak shopping periods.

    High-volume merchants can also benefit from the scalability of Shopify Plus, as it allows for unlimited product uploads and supports high-volume sales without compromising site performance. Additionally, Shopify Plus offers advanced features, such as the ability to create custom landing pages, personalised marketing campaigns, and integrate with third-party tools, which can help businesses/brands to create a tailored shopping experience for their customers.

    Brands looking for advanced features and customisation options

    Shopify Plus provides extensive customisation options, including access to Liquid code, which allows marketing professionals to design a truly unique eCommerce storefront. With Liquid code access, businesses can create custom themes, develop advanced features, and personalise every aspect of their online presence to meet their needs.

    Overall, Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for large enterprises/merchants with high traffic volume seeking advanced features and customisation options to deliver customers a seamless and unique shopping experience.

    Who should use Shopify ?

    Shopify is an excellent platform for small businesses, startups, online merchants with limited resources, and businesses seeking a user-friendly and easy-to-use eCommerce platform.

    Startups and Small businesses often have limited budgets and resources to develop a sophisticated eCommerce platform, which is where Shopify can be highly beneficial. Shopify provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform that is easy to set up and use. The platform offers a range of customisable themes, payment gateway integrations, and other features that make it easy for businesses to launch an online store quickly.


    Businesses seeking a simple, user-friendly platform

    Online merchants with limited resources, Shopify offers a cost-effective way to sell products online. The platform provides a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs, including an affordable basic plan for startups and small businesses.

    Additionally, Shopify is an excellent option for businesses seeking a simple, user-friendly platform. With many intuitive features, including an easy-to-use admin dashboard and drag-and-drop interface, businesses can easily manage their online store without technical expertise.

    Implementing Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus

    Here are some important considerations to keep in mind before implementing headless commerce with Shopify Plus:

    • Implementing headless commerce with Shopify Plus requires significant development expertise and resources
    • Do you have the developer’s muscle, or are you seeking an agency to help you? 
    • Have you defined what a successful implementation of headless commerce means to your business?
    • Do you have a user journey defined for both shoppers and stakeholders?
    • Have you identified what you want your tech stack to look like for the implementation?
    • Do you have a project leader in place to spearhead the adoption of headless commerce?

    Let’s talk

    At The Drawing Room, we are experts in Shopify, Shopify Plus and Implementing headless commerce with Shopify Plus. If you are in the concept stage or need help with your existing store, we can help you identify and help with your business needs.

    Talk to The Drawing Room today if you need help with your existing Shopify store or want to implement Headless Commerce with Shopify Plus!

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